Matilda - A Fantastic Family Fantasy and Comedy Movie

The movie Matilda was made with the book by Roald Dahl in mind. It begins with a family that is happy with the way things are. Then Matilda comes along. Her parents don't really like children and so she is ignored from the moment she is born. From a very young age she is left at home to fend for her self. However, Matilda is very smart. By the age of three she teaches herself to cook. Soon after that she teaches herself how to take the bus to the library, which is where she spends most of her day.

Matilda's father is a used car salesman that uses stolen parts to gain a bigger profit. Her mother plays bingo all day in hopes of winning money. Matilda also has an older brother that is in elementary school.
At the age of six and a half, Matilda begs her parents to let her go to school but her parents think she is only three. By this time, Matilda has read every book in the children's section of the library. Her father does not want her to go to school because she brings the packages of stolen parts into the house during the day.
The local principal decides that she needs to buy a car and Matilda's dad makes a deal with her to enroll her in school. The principal is a touch retired Olympian who did many throwing field events. Upon arrival she sees the principal bullying many children. She also manages to make a few friends in the process. One child came to school with pig tales, which the principal swings her over the fence by. Matilda ends up in a great first grade class with a great teacher names Ms. Honey. It is not long before Ms. Honey discovers how smart Matilda is when she states an impossible multiplication problem. Matilda quickly spits out the answer and is found to be correct after the teacher works it out on paper.
Soon an assembly is called because someone ate the principal's chocolate cake. A boy is found and made to eat an entire cake to help him remember if he ate a piece of the first one. The school is kept until nine that night as punishment for the missing cake.
The next day, the principal pays Matilda's class a visit to teach them a thing or two. In preparation everything colorful is covered. Some of the classmates put a newt in the water prepared for the principal. It isn't long before the class is snickering about what the principal is drinking. She begins yelling at the class for laughing and Matilda imagines the glass of water tipping over and the newt falling on the principal, which then happens. Matilda now knows that she has a superpower. After letting her teacher know about what she did, the teacher tells Matilda that the principal is actually her aunt and was raised by her after her father mysteriously died. The principal is now living in her parent's house. Ms. Honey has moved to her own little cottage.
Will Matilda get to the bottom of the death? Will the principal ever return to Matilda's class after the newt incident? Watch and find out.
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